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Many customers have received emails claiming to be from Buana Bank. These emails were not genuine. These emails ask you to reply your:

1) Account number
2) Password
3) Credit card number
4) Date of birth
5) Address

Buana Bank does not send emails asking for these information. If you ever receive an email asking for these information, please do not reply. Send the email immediately to online@bank.co.uk. 
If you have given anyone your details, call our telephone 08852000117
Be warned criminals are trying to access your accounts

1. What is the announcement about?
a. It’s caution for the costumers
b. It’s about the new Bank product
c. It’s offer from Buana Bank
d. It’s a claim about Buana Bank
e. It’s request from Buana Bank

2. Where you should address the emails asking for your account number?
a. Buana Bank
b. Criminal court 
c. 08852000117
d. Costumer service
e. online@bank.co.uk. 

3. Be warned criminals are trying to access your accounts (the last sentence)
The above sentence has the same meaning as…
a. Attention! The criminals have place in our Bank
b. Be careful! Don’t let the criminals know your account number 
c. Don’t forget! Open your new Bank account at our Bank now
d. Remember! Our Bank is safe. Criminal can’t get into your account.
e. No worries! Criminals cannot get into your account without your approval.


On 28th August, there will be a school trip to Golden Sand Beach.
Departure : 07.30.am
Program : Swimming, games, Volley Ball, and lunch at the sea. View restaurant.
Afternoon: Walk along the beach to the lagoon and watch the boat festival
Fee : Rp 50.000
Contact persaons: Vita, Zaskia
Chair person
Anne saragih
4. What is the announcement about?
a. A boat festival
b. A sea view restaurant
c. The Golden Sand Beach
d. a schedule of a school trip
e. a lagoon at the Golden Sand Beach

5. These announcement is mostly address to…of a school 
a. Visitors
b. Tourists
c. Students
d. Travelers
e. Sightseers

This new and unusual building in the down-town business district offers for small and midsized tenants to occupy an entire floor.
From 1.600 to 6.000 square feet are available for immediate occupancy.
Commuting is easy, with the nearest subway stop only one block away. Convenient to shops, restaurants, hotels, and business services.
For leasing information call

6. What is the advertisement about?
a. Leasing office space
b. Availability to get unique opportunities
c. Buildings in business districts
d. Hotels and restaurants in the down-town
e. Conveniences offered by company

7. Which of the following is NOT close to the building?
a. Parks
b. Shopping centers
c. Hotels
d. Business services
e. Restaurants

8. “For leasing information call 303-572-5947.”
The underlined word means
a. Purchasing
b. Buying
c. Building 
d. Renting
e. Selling

We PT. SOFIANA Tbk, would like to inform you that effective from September 6th, 2007, our Head Office will be moved to a new address:

2) Puri Bahagia Tower, Second Floor
3) Harapan Bahagia street 1
4) Bekasi 17610

Telephone: 021-2692003 (hunting)
Facsimile: 021-6041972
From the effective date, any letter, notification or correspondence should be directed to the above mentioned address.
Board of Directors 

9. When will the head office move to a new address? 
a. 09-06-2007
b. 10-06-2007
c. 09-07-2007
d. 06-09-2007
e. 06-10-2007

10. Based on the advertisement, who is responsible for the announcement?
a. Employees
b. Managers
c. Reporters
d. Readers
e. Directors

11. What is the content of the announcement?
a. The company informs the readers about the bids.
b. The company informs the readers about the auction.
c. The company invites their employees to join with special programs.
d. The company invites the stakeholders to come to the meeting at the new address. 
e. The company informs the readers that their head office will be move to a new address.

A growing PMA Coal Mining Company is looking for a “SECRETARY” with the following qualifications:

1) Female/Male, age between 22-23 years
2) At least 3 years working experiences
3) Fluently in both written and spoken English, preferably with a University Degree in English

If you meet the above qualifications please send your application letter to:
PO.BOX No. 4587 JKTM JAKARTA 12025
Not later than 2 (Two) weeks after this advertisement.
All application letters will be treated confidentially.

12. Who has chance to get a job?
a. A twenty one year old female, graduate from English major
b. Just a 3 years working experienced male
c. A skillful male/female aged between 22-23
d. A fresh graduated from economic major aged between 22-23
e. A 22 or 23 year old male/female graduate from favorable university

13. All application letters will be treated confidentially.
The word ‘confidentially’ means ….
a. Closely
b. Carefully
c. Peacefully
d. Secretly
e. Respectfully

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